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About Alexandria Papas

Alexandria Papas became a REALTOR® many years ago after retiring from teaching but still wanted to advance her education at Rutgers University during her off hours.  She learned from former Managers that former teachers and former nurses make very good REALTOR which they learned from previous studies.  Alexandria learned from a Rutger’s Master’s career test that she would excel in sales or finance.  Alexandria enjoys meeting and working with people from all walks of life and occupations.  Her personal philosophy is that you can learn from anyone at any time. She understands the stress and trepidation of buying and selling a home and she strives to make the transition easier on her clients.  Her most recognized skill is her ability to listen and problem-solve.  Alexandria is immersed in her community and her Greek and Polish heritage and enjoys many varied hobbies and interests which has made her a REALTOR for life as well as an extended family member of many of her clients.  Her business goal is to match up the right home with the right individuals.  Alexandria has a natural gift for bonding with many different cultures as she has an ear for languages and is able to speak several due to her grandparents and relatives.  She has traveled all over the United States and many countries.  She even wanted to work for the United Nations and she studied Chinese in high school just to learn the language!